LED flood light 50 W PIR 6400K

LED Floodlight 50W PIR

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LED Floodlight 50W

It breaks the concordances of traditional engineering lamps, designed with integrated exterior and precision production. The lamp itself is exquisite and compact, light and easy to hide, bringing more fashion experience to the lighting.

1 (SENS) Turn the knob to adjust the sensing distance to 3-10 meters.

2 (TIME) Delay time refers to the time when a person is detected or leaves the sensing area, the sensor will delay the time to turn off the light. Turn the knob to adjust the sensor extension time (10±3sec—7±2min).

Spänning: 230 Volt AC
Strömförbrukning: 270 mA
Ljusflöde: 6400 Lumen
Effekt: 50 Watt
Dimbar: Nej
Tändtid: 0 Sec
Livslängd: 25000 Timmar
På/av: 20000 ggr
Garanti: 2 år