Power supply 12V 300W IP67

Power supply IP67 300 Watt

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Output voltage is 12VDC

Rated power is 300W

Constant voltage design

Fully encapsulated to IP67

1.LED switching power supply using pulse width modulation (PWM) switching technology designed to ensure power supply stability and high efficiency.  

2. Product interference, through the EMC testing, ripple ≤ 50MV.  

3. Efficiency above 80%, temperature ≤ 25 °C.  
4.LED switching power supply with overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection. 
5. Constant current output to ensure the stability of the power, so that LED lighting effects better and live longer. 
6. Products have the anti-interference ensures long-life LED strips, reducing the LED lighting decline.

Matningström: 170-250V AC
Effekt: max 300 W
Utgångsström: 25A
Utgångsspänning: 12V DC
Frekvens: 50 ~ 60 Hz
Termiskt skydd: 110 ° C
Mått (LxBxH): 228 x 72 x 32 [mm]
Driftsförhållanden: temperatur -30 ° C ÷ 50 ° C
Kabellängd: 250 mm på varje sida
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