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RGB list Controller

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DC12V 6A 24Key IR Remote Controller LED Lights Controller Dimmer For SMD 3528 5050 2835 3014 RGB LED Strip


24 Keys IR Remote Controller for RGB LED SMD strip lights.

Adopt IR remote to control the LED strip lights.

It is able to control led strip light's color, brightness and flash modes.

Support SMD 5050 RGB Strip Lights and SMD 3528 RGB Strip Lights.

Including modes of Flash, strobe, Fade, Smooth.


Output: 3 COMS drain-open output

Connecting Mode: Common Anode

Control Range: 5-10 meters

Supply Voltage: DC 12V

Max. Load Current: 2A each color

Controller Box size: 14cm x 6.5cm x 5cm

Remote Control size: 5 * 3.5 * 2.2cm

Item weight: 40g

Package size: 10.5 * 6.4 * 4cm

Input: 12V DC
Output: 12V DC, 3*2 A=6A
Max Power: 72W
Connect Mode: Common Anode
Working Temperature: -20 - 60 Degree
Item Dimension: 5 x 3.5 x 2.2 cm